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The OAS Playout system is a comprehensive, easy to use live assist & automation package for the playback of music, jingles and other sound 'bites'. The main package is specifically targetted towards the small scale radio station market such as hospital radio, community radio and Restricted Service Licenses (RSLs). In addition there is now a new Express version which is aimed at mobile discos, Internet or part time stations.

Introducing the new OAS Playout 4

Not so much a revolution as an evolution, click the Start button to find out more about the new version of Playout. Then download a free evaluation copy, now updated to the latest release version including:

  • Improved undocked button wall layout
  • File and playlist load, drag 'n' drop capability
  • Improved drag 'n' drop capability between players
  • Multiple button wall sets
  • Restyled colour scheme
  • JACK audio support
  • Media sharing

Browse through the following links to get more of a feel for what the package can do for you, see comments and views of other broadcasters using the system plus you can also download free trial version.

About OAS Playout Find out about the core Playout application which is central to both the Full and Express distributions.
Describes the capabilities provided by the Full version and how to go about deploying the software in a broadcast environment.
The type of market and features provided by the new Express edition of Playout.
Pictures and words from UK radio stations and other organisations who have used OAS Playout in either broadcast or simulated broadcast environments.
Provides a full list of features which are offered by the Full, Express and freeware versions of Playout.
The tool included with the Full version of Playout which is responsible for managing all the audio and playlists and much more.
Quickly and easily share your station's audio content with other Playout users via the cloud which can greatly assist in allowing presenters to broadcast remotely
Take listener interaction to the next level with our unique automated request system.
Download free demo evaluation copy of OAS Playout.
Downloadable documentation in support of Playout, includes user manual.
Provides information on the supporting documentation, help and training provided on using OAS Playout as well as some more advanced features of the software.
License options (including leasing), prices and purchasing of OAS Playout.
Latest news and development status of Playout


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