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(updated March 2015)

The Dragon computer is an old 8-bit machine which was at it's peak of popularity during the early/mid eighties. I learnt most of my programming abilities around this machine and indeed was actively using it up about 1995 when the PC finally got in on the scene, these days I'm more concentrating on my Playout software for Windows. Over a period of time I've developed and accumulated a fair bit of material around this machine. Whilst these days I rarely get to grips with the beast, it still has a certain affinity and these pages are presented as a source of information for us die-hard enthusiasts out there.

As of March 2015 I have refreshed a lot of these pages (mostly the Projects page) to include additional documentation, software source and anything else I've dug out regarding the projects I've worked on.

There is a good potted history of the Dragon on Wikipedia.

These pages mainly provide hardware, low level software information (m/code, ROM calls and IO information) including the OS9 operating system and information on a variety of hardware projects I've worked on and designed including RAM discs, ADC/DACs and PC connectivity along with supporting software. There is a small software archive for both Dragon/OS9 though this mainly consists of small utilities and programs.

Finally, information on other related web-sites and support groups is also listed at the end of this page. So, if you can barely contain your excitment at all this browse on...

What's Here...

Dragon Hardware - Dragon Hardware overview, memory maps etc.

Dragon(DOS related) Software - Programming information, software archive

Dragon (OS9 related) Software - About OS9, programming tips, software archive

Dragon Projects - Projects I've worked on/built and designed for the Dragon, including software

Dragon Information - Mailing Lists, User Groups etc.

Dragon Archive Forums (on the Dragon Archive)

CoCo mailing list - for all things Color Computer related


Much of the focus of enthusiasm these days is in emulation software (for PC mostly) and we've almost gone full circle here, for playing classic tape based games. Here are the most active sites:

The Dragon Archive - amongst other things, holds copies of the many games for the Dragon.

Dragon Data Archive - hardware, software & loads of photos

Paul Burgin's Dragon/Coco Resources - emulators and such like

Not a lot really happening on these (a bit like here really) but they are still alive:

Dragon Computer Consultancy - c/o KCS

Graham Kinn's Dragon Pages



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