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OAS Playout - the future

Here you can find a summary of the new things happening now and in the future to OAS Playout.

OAS Playout v4.0

OAS Playout v4.0 is planned to be a complete re-write of the main (presenter side) application from the ground up. The major driver behind this is to give it a more modern look and feel. This would also include features present in many newer applications - for example dockable (& detachable) windows and dialogs. Here are some initial screenshots of the new version.

The aim is to initially produce something similar to the early Playout releases which were principally a "live assist" package, then steadily adding on the automation capabilities to bring it up to the same level of capability as the current product.

Keep an eye on the development page for the latest progress.

Advert Scheduling

This would be the next major significant addition to Playout - it's currently still some way off despite me having discussed it informally with a number of our beta testers during mid 2004. The idea (as the name suggests) would be to provide some mechanism of generating advert schedules - possibly as short playlists or dedicated 'advert lists' which can be played out to form an ad break in it's entirity.

Playout v3.5 has begun to include the infrastructure for this in the form of Dynamic Playlist Generators. These allow a playlist (or Category/Custom ClipList) to be generated on the fly rather than from a fixed list held in the database. This is the mechanism by which I intend to allow the ad breaks to be generated. A simple starting point began in 2012 as Playout was used to read the next scheduled ad break from an Excel spreadsheet during the Hastings Rock RSL. However as the name suggests, the scope of this functionality is much broader and it is also being used to support the generation of more complex playlists scenarios on Unity 101 Community Radio. Watch this space for more news.

Playout v3.6 has further evolved this by allowing ad breaks to be auto scheduled in at specific intervals and we'll be looking to further enhance this capability to allow for improved playlist scheduling & rotation capabilities.

Thoughts/comments always welcome, watch the Development Page for the latest news.


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