OS9 MS-DOS file transfer utilities

This archive contains a set of utilities for reading/writing PC MS-DOS disks:

Usage: PCREAD   - to read PC disks
       PCWRT    - to write PC disks

the RUNB module must also be in the CMDS directory. 

The original set of utilities was on a set of OS9 User Group disks (copies) which were given to me when I bought my machine. I have no idea who the author was, but the original code indicated public domain software. I have since modified various of the modules (details in the PC.UPDATES file) to remove bugs and add additional features. As far as I am aware there are no further problems with them. They should handle PC 5.25" Single/Double sided double density disks and 3.5" double density disks okay. There is a very rudimentary batch mode within PCREAD - a directory file may be created containing the necessary extract commands, which can be edited and re-directed back in via STDIN. A similar method can be applied to PCWRT.

The routines centre around the PCSEC module, the version here is for the WD2797 disk controller IC used on Dragons, and is known to work. The PCSEC.COCO file is I believe a CoCo variant, but has not been tested by me.

Jon Bird, June 1995

Download PCRead/PCWrite utilities